I am a local realtor, have been in business a long time and have been using Lion Gate Pest Control for years and they are without doubt the best pest control company I’ve ever used. I’ve had pest control companies do reports on homes, nothing comes up, and then I call Chris @ Lion Gate, he goes out and he finds termites. They’re so thorough, courteous, professional and just a pleasure to do business with. Aside from termite inspections and repair, they of course treat for ants — a problem I had in my home as well as all types of pests. Thank you Chris and Tina for your wonderful company and extraordinary service!

Charley Egan

Chris came to inspect for termites. Knowledge about all kinds of bugs! and also found a rodent issue the previous inspector never mentioned. We hired Lion Gate to do subterrain termite work.

Elizabeth C.

Liongate is professional and friendly and all good things a company is made of !! From scheduling an appointment to the actual work it was 5 stars if not 6!! Highly recommend it!!

Jasmine A.

Wow, what excellent service. Chris arrived on time, did a complete check and said “you have no termites”. I felt he was totally honest. He even pointed out a small eave board with dry rot. There was no charge.

Diane M.

Liongate is a fantastic company. Over the years they have handled ants, moths, termites and this year rodents in the attic. Always very professional and great results.

They always takes the time to explain what they are doing and how long the process will take. I trust the company with all my pest concerns. I would not use anyone else & I recommend them to all my clients and friends.

Barbara A.